You are searching for a professional English to German translator in one of the following fields?

• Video games / Entertainment • Automation
• IT / telecommunications / cybersecurity

• Industrial engineering

• Software / hardware • Mechanical engineering


Congratulations – you just found her!


Be it the latest patch for your amazing MMORPG, the fancy new website of your business, or the manual for your state-of-the-art production plant:


Diversity in style is my passion!


As a technically skilled translator and creative editor I will take care that all your contents hit the German mark(et). After all, I will not only translate, but localise and transcreate your texts into my native language: German – my good tone for your sound satisfaction.

Any doubts that your existing material is not suitable for your target audience? No problem! Let me proof-read and (if necessary) edit it. I will find the unique style for your unique solutions.


You are searching for a different specialisation or a language other than German?

Nevermind – just drop me a message. I will be happy to help you find the right contact in my broad network of highly qualified colleagues.